Sadomasochistic – Slow Death EP, Raw Black metal from 2011-2013

Sadomasochistic – Slow Death EP, Raw Black metal from 2011-2013

These recordings were made from 2011 to 2013 with the intention of releasing a full self-titled album called “Sadomasochistic”, however the idea did’t materialize and the demos were buried for 10 years until today.

The original album contained 13 songs, however we have chosen the “best” in terms of rawness, impact, viscerality and imperfection, resulting in this lethal 4-song EP along with the original preludes/posts of the album that never was. The Motörhead cover that is on the Punk Rip Off EP was part of this same sessions.

Here we can hear sounds with influences from the transition period of old black metal from Bathory, Hellhammer, Sodom and Beherit mixed with 80’s English hardcore punk rhythm patterns as well as with the damn slowness of proto-doom and traditional Doom that would infect us for the rest. of our lives.

All songs were made with drum machine and recorded directly to a plug on my old windows XP computer. There is no production, only guts.

You can buy this demos on cassette tape made by order only on the bandcamp page:

Necropussy contains the original voice of Ramones (lysergic funeral bass) which was recorded drunk in one take during the Wicked Lady Sessions in 2013. “The Shape of Black Punk to Come” I really don’t like how it sounds this name but name it after a personal rendition of free jazz master Ornette Colleman by difference his music from the others back in 60’s.

The name Slow death was improvised at the last moment and is the name of a song by Lysergic Funeral, (current band of members of Sadomasochistic). I was 20 -22 years old when recording this shit. For greater enjoyment turn up the whole damn volume. Proudly D.I.Y. Here the tracklist and full album youtube shit, you can download this shit high quality digital by bandcamp.

1 – Preludio
2 – Necropussy
3 – Satanic Terror
4 – The Shape of Black Punk to Come
5 – Doom
6 – Post