Sadomasochistic – Punk Rip Off (2014)

Sadomasochistic – Punk Rip Off (2014)

Year 2011, after many tryings to selfrecord a full album (the selftitled Sadomasochistic “Black metal/punk album”) and trying to put live this noise failed miserably. The “musicians” only wanted to play thrash or gothic symphonic shit, what a shame!. As this happened, decadence comes and the rediscovery of new music too. This new discoveries come together with a lonely path with poor acceptance of certain city tribes and it became that in the golden age of internet we served cult to hidden musical treasures, same as decadent as us (but really a true innovators and creative people), acts like those covered here: GG Allin, Motorhead and Amebix, maybe some of the rawest examples of punk rock…

The impact of those bands in that times was so bigger to the fact of self recorded our music as Sadomasochistic by last time in 2013 and after that all became a dark end street for us of mediocrity, drugs, alcohol, women, being a hobo and a lot of moral pain. But still burning that fire of Do it Yourself in newer reborns of Sadomasochistic, the legacy of muddy and heavy music still runs in our blood.

fun facts:

1 – we were so drunk to sing lyrics on GG Allin song,
2 – a wicked lady (70’s uk heavy psych band) version of Run The night with heavy drunk vocals was lost…

1 – Be My Fucking Whore – GG Allin

2 – Motorhead – Motorhead

3 – Drink and be Merry – Amebix

Recorded in the year XI

Sadomasochistic is:

Miguel Krieg – Composer, electronics, guitar, bass.
Machine – rhythm
Ramone – live bass