Mkrieg – Virtual Sketches (2018) Ambient Dub/Electronic PSYCHOV-004D

Mkrieg – Virtual Sketches (2018) Ambient Dub/Electronic PSYCHOV-004D

Surely by 2017-2018 was very into ambient dub from Scorn and some Aphex Twin atmospheres including Biosphere freezing atmospheres that I really Love, this were my second experiments on electronic stuff all computer controlled because synths are so expensive on the third world. I used my toontrack drum machine and layered guitar and deep bass parts and ambient pieces of sound, some songs are inconsistent but I tried to emulate what Mick Harris did on his Scorn project in the 90’s, the truth was, I really don’t know what I was doing except that I really liked the atmosphere of music I was creating, maybe the inconsistence was because I was experimenting with the layers of sound.

Don’t remember how much costs to compose this I was really into it so when I re heard now It seems impossible to recreate. There are samplers from Paulina Oliveros an electronic composer, from Frank Zappa, Sin City film and other samples that I dont really remember, reason why this was not uploaded on spotify shit because licenses but fuck off… electronic music saved my life.

Artwork was made by myself, It was a shoot in a familiar party the same year when I felt in love with Scorn’s Evanescence album and sounds by 2013, remembering really good times.

  1. Ambient Dub I Ft. Frank Zappa
  2. Ambient Dub II: Nightdrive
  3. Sin City Night Street Ambient
  4. Minimal Music For Whorehouse
  5. Tropical Blizzard ft. Paulina Oliveros
  6. Disconnected

Estas grabaciones fueron compuestas en una sola toma. Nada fué pre hecho o pensado. Se trata de un tipo con su computadora armada, con un bajo japonés de los 70’s barato y algunos sintetizadores piratas. La tecnología es nuestra, es libre y disponible para todo el que quiera hacer maldito ruido. Aquí no hay reglas sólo lo que se encuentra dentro de tu cerebro y tu habilidad para crear algo desde cero. Por siempre un experimentador del sonido. Mkrieg.