Mkrieg – Sphaera (2017) Ambient/Experimental Electronic

Mkrieg – Sphaera (2017) Ambient/Experimental Electronic

“Main goal on this one take recordings was to learn how to use computer synth software and how to mix on my acid pro with windows XP. By those years of 2013 I was reading the Siddartha book by Hesse and get hooked about the story, the first track was born then… first 10 minutes are from a jazz kind of sound and later the rest 10 are from one of the best tracks of ambient that I ever heard, every time when I heard about I get relaxed, maybe for the frequencies on the drone bass note”.

“Rest of the tracks are a trip trought a spacial era where only on earth you could find peace, for example the last track is about visiting a interestellar whorehouse where women with 3 breasts offer you their services, so damn trippy!!!”

As said by description, there was a kind of mythical atmosphere on these days and suddenly decided to make an ambient album, I really dont get worried about having a properly studio, only worried about making the music that I get by that moment, on these days was listening and discovering electronic ambient music like Lull, Paulina Oliveros, Vangelis ambient works, Brain Eno, Aphex Twin ambient works and things such like. The buddhist feeling on that track was a hell of true, it was a king of time about knowing myself after years of some kind of teenager relationship with a girl. Really don’t know why I stoped making this noise and years had pass and has passing.

1 – Mäplicjsú – Srvkovijcä 23:49

2 – Aë 02:59

3 – Sphaera Borealis 02:59

4 – Sphaera Choral 11:12

5 – Interestellar Whorehouse 03:56