Heavy Monster Blues – Experimental Heavy Blues Jam Sessions (2009) Heavy Rock Jam Band stuff

Heavy Monster Blues – Experimental Heavy Blues Jam Sessions (2009) Heavy Rock Jam Band stuff

“In the Holly Spirit of 70’s Heavy Rock, Raw recordings in a power trio form. Please Share and spread the word… This is a home made recordings composed emulating the style of some early heavy rock bands in the 70’s. There are some amateurish riffing and improvising, some influences by early heavy stoner rock, punk style and kraut experimental sounds”.

This is the short description on my youtube stuff about this home made recordings made from 2009 to 2013 learning how to do my shit on my computer and experimenting with my most loved sounds from the moment: Pure heavy rock 70’s shit!.

These kind of music made effect on my to do my own stuff including: Jimi Hendrix, Guru Guru, the old blues of Big Bill Broonzy, Wicked Lady, Black sabbath, Rory Gallagher Taste and Frank Zappa, really I felt like in the early 70’s when made this, it was a very sweet years because I dont mind anything except school, music and my girlfriend.

You can hear myself riffing trought full copy paste drum patterns on the ultimate (and best) drum machine software from 2009 (toontrack) first making the main riff on guitar, later adding bass and then the noise gate soloing (made too with an emulator guitar rig 3, the best software emulator). Sorry I didn’t have money for making big amps and there were no musicians for doing something like this.

This is my presentation on the music world, I really love jamming ’till this days, you can download for free this shit or give me some bucks for the music if you are really an underground music lover:


1 – Bitch, I’ve stolen a wah wah
2 – Der PCP-Marsch
3 – Old Dog Blues
4 – The Return Of The Axeman (Wicked Lady)
5 – El Blues Doom! (Black Sabbath)
6 – María
7 – Hendrix played my cheap Washburn Guitar
8 – Midnight Jazz
9 – Stone Out