Bastards and Freaks – Drone Noise EP (2014) Industrial Metal/Experimental

Bastards and Freaks – Drone Noise EP (2014) Industrial Metal/Experimental

“My goal was to explore sound in a extreme way, recorded between 2010-2013 and released in 2013. Re released on 2017 and again re-edited and with a bonus lost track in 2021: remembering the old good rebel teenager ages, recordings from 10years ago”.

“Inspired by 90’s godflesh sounds with some ministry sludge era filth pig with some samplers.. A Heavier, sludgy and foggy version of bastards and freaks then transformed: Weedreek. This is some of my first recordings from the 2010 years”.

These are the words described on the bandcamp digital release, this was between the Heavy Monster Blues my first experimentations on self recording stuff with cheap and minimal equipment, using soft synths it was a low cost recording. The original version has the heavy ambient dub with the bladerunner samplers, but decided to put it on the Weedreek recordings

This recordings was made in a very spiritual haunting era where buddhism superficial philosophy take me to another level of musical appreciation, this was recorded at the same moment of my first ambient album Mkrieg selftitled so because is the first track OM. Some of the guitar atmospheres was directly inspired and influenced by the work of J. Broadrick (godflesh, jesu, jkflesh, etc) mixing heavy riffage and killer harmonic cuts.

Intuition As A Form of Creating is the way how I did all this noise, by intuition not knowing what I really wanted, just drawing riffs on the space time line. The artwork is a statue on a very famous park in mexico city.


1 – Om
2 – Inhuman
3 – Engine
4 – Life Is Easy (Godflesh)
5 – Intuition As A Form of Creating